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2023 ANACP-WACAP-CNAHA Joint Annual Conference

Dear members:


The recent surge in anti-Asian crime and harassment in the country since the pandemic has hit our community hard. As front-line healthcare providers, we are saving lives, but we are forced to face the unprecedented risks. We can't help but worry about our own and our family members' safety in this country that we considered home to freedom and pride.


WACAP participated in a #StopAsianHate rally on March 20th in Bellevue Downtown Park. Many members joined despite the non-stop cold rain. Some of you came directly from the office or hospital after a long day of work. Some still dressed in work uniforms. Some travelled far from south and north of the state. Many family members also joined us to show support and solidarity, especially our younger generations. That reflects how much we care!


Protest is the beginning of awareness and healing. We condemn violence and racism. Hate must be stopped. Dr. Martin Luther King once said, “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Given our profession, we are in the perfect position to comfort and to heal. We should unite among ourselves and unite with people from all ethnic backgrounds to promote equity, justice and love. 




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