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Our goal is to provide a high-level social platform for our Chinese doctors while they are busy working; build an institutional platform for all public welfare activities and community services; use the influence and strength of our team together to help and serve our children and grandchildren; construct an exchange platform to promote Chinese American medical, science, technology and humanities exchange activities.

A Bit About Us

Academic Exchange Committee

Leaders: Mark Jia, Zhiqian Wang

Serves as a platform to promote academic exchange and collaboration.

Community Service Committee

Leaders: Ge Zhao, Yan Liu


Organize health education and seminars in community. Past activities include monthly online educational lectures, quarterly health seminars, etc.

Social Activities Committee

Leaders: Jiong Zhang, Hong Ren


Organize social activities within members. Past activities include annual meeting of WACAP, spring festival dinner, summer barbecue, badminton tournament etc. 

Youth Committee

Leader: Fengting Yan


Mentor students in community activities to develop their leadership skills. 

See here for more information on Youth Committee projects.

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