We are a non-profit community organization that aims to bring together the Chinese physicians of Washington State. We use our expanded influence for the purposes of improving public welfare in Washington, and contributing to the exchange of humanities between China and the United States.

President: Ming Fan
Board Chair: Cong Yu
VP: Sherri Zhu, Wei Qiu, Yan Liu
Secretary: Jiang Wu
Treasurer: Lee-Ching Zhu

Board chair: Cong Yu
Board members (in alphabetical order): Ming Fan, Yan Liu, Mark Jia, Zhiqian Wang, Jiang Wu, Fengting Yan, Cong Yu, Ge Zhao, Lee-Ching Zhu

 Our Purpose

The purpose of the Association:
- To foster mutual support and collaboration within the Chinese medical community and promote volunteer service towards our larger regional community


- To serve as a platform for the career development and inspire young generation’s engagement in community service and leadership

- To facilitate educational and academic exchange program in healthcare between the United States and China Structure and Governance

Joining WACAP

In order to highlight the high-end and uniqueness of the Association, members of the Association are limited to Chinese medical practitioners licensed in Washington State. We encourage anyone who fits these requirements to join!

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